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Tim Aaron recruits J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Jens Jurgensen (Boss Hog) & Charlie Nakajima (Deep Wound) and more - infusing punk sensibility into a psychedelic sabbath. Download all six GobbleHoof albums and listen offline. This will also include upcoming brand new or remixed material and videos as they are posted when funded via band subscription, merch/album sales, or the purchase of ICE PIX products. You can even sign up for one month and download all of it for $5 bucks. GobbleHoof might come looking for you however.

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Amherst, Massachusetts
Featuring J Mascis as producer & drummer, and Jens Jurgensen of Boss Hog on Bass. GobbleHoof was formed in Amherst, Massachusetts by vocalist Charlie Nakajima, who had been in the Dinosaur Jr. precursor band Deep Wound with J. Mascis and Lou Barlow as well as an early incarnation of Dinosaur jr. called Mogo. With his speak-singing style supported by writer/guitarist Tim Aaron ...
Steve Huey, AMG

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